Binghamton homicide suspect in custody

Update: Michael Roque, 20, was charged in the killing off a Binghamton University student Sunday night.

At the Broome County Central Arraignment facility Monday night, he plead not guilty.

Roque is also a Binghamton student. He’s from Massapequa, Long Island.

Monday: A unnamed suspect in the Sunday homicide of a Binghamton University student is in custody, Broome District Attorney Steve Cornwell said at a 5 p.m. press briefing.

Cornwell confirmed that the suspect is a male student currently being held at the university. He believes charges are imminent.

Campus police released footage of the suspect, a light-skinned male wearing dark pants and a dark, Puma hooded sweatshirt, during a briefing hours prior.

What happened?

Joao Souza, a freshman, was stabbed around 10:30 p.m at Binghamton’s Mountainview College. Souza was taken to UHS Wilson Medical Center in Johnson City by Harpur’s Ferry ambulance. There, he was pronounced dead.

Binghamton President Harvey Stenger called the incident, along with another killing six weeks prior, the most difficult situations he’s experienced in his tenure.

“You can understand how difficult it must be for parents and for friends and you want to do anything you can to help them through these times,” said Stenger.

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