2 Bronx residents behind bars for counterfeit bills at Delmar CVS

Bethlehem Police arrested two Bronx residents on Tuesday after they allegedly attempted to buy gift cards with counterfeit $100 bills at a Delmar CVS.

Anthony C. Caldwell, 23, and Madelyn Garcia, 18, were caught at a traffic stop nearby Albany on Delaware Ave. where police found counterfeit bills, a bulletproof jacket, and police uniforms. Both suspects are currently in Albany County Jail.

They were both charged with ten felony counts of Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument in the First Degree. misdemeanor count of Attempted Petit Larceny. Caldwell was charged with one misdemeanor count of Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended Registration and a violation of Driving with Tinted Windows. Additional charges are pending.

They are scheduled for Bethlehem Court on Aug. 3.

As of now, Bethlehem Police are investigating law enforcement uniforms found in the suspect’s vehicle.

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