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Freshman eyes senate chair elections

Cassandra Jones, a freshman, on Wednesday announced ambitions to capture the top Student Association senate seat against seasoned Rules committee chair Brandon Holdridge.

Jones, the youngest member of the Board of Finance, believes she has an advantage as a lowerclassman to bring a “fresh face” to the organization.

Along with BOF, she’s chair of the Special Taskforce on Housing and Residential Issues and junior ranking member of the Constituent Relations. She ran for State Quad last fall and was re-elected senator-at-large on Mark Anthony Quinn’s ticket.

In a statement, Holdridge called Jones a friend and a formidable opponent.

“Like me she is intelligent and passionate,” said Holdridge in a statement. “She will make a great future leader in Student Association whether she wins or loses this Senate Chair race. ”

Jones will face off against a three-year senator who has served in multiple groups since entering SA, including the September 11th Memorial task force.

“I feel like I have just as many qualifications as he does and at the end of the day, it comes down to how you command a room, how you present yourself, and the types of things as a chair to make people feel comfortable,” said Jones. “And I believe Brandon has a lot of those qualities, but I’m more confident in myself going through and making sure those things actually happen.”

The next senate chair will replace Jarrett Altilio, who has held office two years in a row. He ran last against Jeff Shapiro.

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