Library masturbation probe reaches a head

Tips were handy according to University Police which fleshed out the identity of a former student allegedly caught penis-in-hand between library desks.

Raymond A’Brial, 23, was charged with public lewdness days after UPD found a Snapchat clip of the Lake Katrine native purportedly holding a sexual organ, then burying it back in his drawers once caught. Taping the clip on Tuesday, a student yelled expletives at A’Brial and appeared to not accept any apologies.

The suspect’s arrest was announced Saturday by Frank Wiley, police chief. In a statement, Wiley lauded members of the campus community for giving UPD a hand in the investigation.

“You helped make our campus safer and are proof that an engaged community makes community policing successful,” he said.

A’Brial dropped out of the university between the Tuesday touch and word with campus police on Friday.

The identity of the student yelling at A’Brial is still unknown. A day after the video was posted on Facebook by Derrick McMullin, the user, a student, said he would “charge” Minerva Daily for additional information about the scene. Per usual, the blog didn’t accept.

UPD received a report from the initial Snapchat user at 5:22 p.m., about an hour before McMullin posted the video.

Two days later, campus police launched a mass email and social media blitz, asking faculty, students, and staff to help with the penis probe after systems failed to peck out identification. Investigators later uncovered a person of interest.

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