UAlbany president’s wife ‘doesn’t want to pack any more boxes’

Newly inaugurated Havidán Rodríguez quipped at a worry molded from over a decade of University at Albany presidential turnover: how long will he last?

“Nevertheless, some of you you are probably thinking, ‘We hope this is the last leadership change for years to come,'” he said during an inauguration speech on Friday, then referencing his wife. “I can tell you, Rosie doesn’t want to pack any more boxes.”

See Rodríguez’ curriculum vitae last spring

Background: UAlbany since 2004 has gone through a run of seven leaders. The most recent of the bunch, James Stellar, accepted an interim role after the last president left for the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Some members of the campus community voiced concerns over leadership longevity during the last presidential search.

Following the search, the SUNY Board of Trustees approved Rodríguez as the next university president. Asked how long he would stay by the Albany Student Press, Rodriguez said it was early and mentioned a commitment to learning about UAlbany and its neighboring city.

Rodríguez has since provided similar responses at public forums over the last year.

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