Students can fill out a nonexistent SA department’s complaint form

“Lastly, if you feel this issue would be better discussed in person, please feel free to stop by the SA office (CC116) and speak to Josh Ringel, your Academic Affairs Director!” a complaint form on the Student Association’s website reads.

Josh Ringel is no longer in SA. The office last year moved into the Campus Center west addition.

And SA’s department of Academic Affairs was axed years ago.

Should a student fill out the form this year, where would it go? SA President Jerlisa Fontaine: no idea.

“We have not made use of that form throughout this year so we are unsure of where that information is,” said Fontaine in an email.

Portions of the website like the bylaws and senate roster have been updated over the current administration. But some pages still date as far back as 2015.

Much of the site stalled in spring 2016 after SA President Felix Abreu, in hopes of establishing an internal IT department, choose to not renew the webmaster’s contract. However, SA didn’t have an IT unit until the next administration.

“Essentially, that’s the biggest form of communication that we have, the most direct line we really have with the students is that website,” said Patrick Carroll, SA vice presidential candidate. “And if we have outdated information on it and things like that, the Academic Affairs thing, we’re not doing our jobs.”

Could Academic Affairs come back?

In an interview earlier this semester, Fontaine pointed to a prior discussion with chief of staff and now-presidential candidate Langie Cadesca about bringing the Academic Affairs post back. Should it ever return, Fontaine said that the position would best fall under an existing department and come without a stipend.

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